CMP Initiative






SUBJECT: - For the qualitative improvement of   primary education through cmp


The  common Minimum programme  have  been implemented for the qualitative  improvement  of primary  education .    

The following  activities  proogramme and  schedule are prepared as  under :-


Infrastructural  Facailities in the school : 


A)  Aqua guards are used to supply pure, safe drinking water.

B) Toilets facilities with running water and hygienic conditions are being provided.


School  management and community support :


A) There are 210 pupils studying under the able guidance of primary teachers and one music teacher.

B) The management is providing full financial & academic support for all round development of the children.


School  and class room environment :

A) Healthy relationship between student-teachers, student-student, Teacher and administration, Teacher-Teacher are being observed.


(B)   Compulsory health check up of all primary children is conducted by Govt. Doctors once in a session.


Curriculum and teaching  learning material


·  Time-table has been framed as per norms of C.M.P.

·  House wise co-curricular activities every saturday morning assembly  are conducted by primary children.

·  Students are motivated by giving prizes for best performance in all co-curricular activities.

·  Sports and games activities are also conducted house-wise.

·  Community lunch is organized in the school .